We posed our Lesotho Eagles the challenge of providing us with a unique tourist experience in and around their village. The idea is to get them to improve on their hospitality skills every time we return. We are tracking their progress as they come up with cool new ways to host and entertain their guests in their rural community.

Now while this may still seem quite amateur to some; these youngsters are RESPONDING to the challenges and taking initiative to come up with solutions for where they identify problems – with very little resources.

Our Story

Volition Rise wasn’t conceptualised around boardrooms of global influencers, nor was it debated by politicians in parliaments or on committees around the world – Yet – it captures the transformative societal change that leaders across this planet can only hope to share.

Instead, Volition Rise started like this…
High up in the mountains of Lesotho – the land where eagles rule the sky – a partnership between A2B transformation Movement and Afriski gave birth to the Lesotho Eagle Hub. This magnificent piece of land is a fitting location for a place where future generations will be changed from chicken minded dependancy to eagle minded dignity. This vision will send waves of transformational energy through Africa and across the world. The partnership is based on the core principals of Occupational Intelligence (OI).

But for now, lets first get back to the story…
It was a freezing morning, early May 2019 when Lineo – pronounced Dineo – arrived by school-bus at the Eagle Hub. Lineo Molefe, a 19 year old school girl from an impoverished community, was part of the first school group to visit the Hub.

Here, she was briefly exposed to the principals of Occupational Intelligence and for the first time she experienced the conducive eco system that A2B Transformation creates. A2B use the analogy of a chicken and an eagle. The chicken being dependant on someone to feed it while the eagle hunts for itself.

At the same time Cobus Zwennis, a filmmaker with a desire to tell life changing stories, was filming the scholars as they moved from challenge to challenge. He was assisted by Afriski personnel who for the first time tried their hands at filming. He desperately tried to capture the tipping points, that is the moment someone cracks into consciousness of the self. This proofed to be an impossible task.

Both Lineo and Cobus returned home, Cobus filled with questions and Lineo full of hope.

Lineo couldn’t keep quiet. She started sharing her experiences with friends. The analogy of a chicken and an eagle came in handy, everyone could understand it. Soon she approached the chief of the village and asked if she can share what she has learnt in her community.

This was the breakthrough that Cobus was hoping for. When He decided to take the 500km journey back to Lesotho, and together with Vivienne Shultz and Wim du Preez, the founders of Eagle Hub Lesotho, they met the group which now have grown to 30 young people ranging from ages 14 to 27. In the old dusty classroom on the dusty schoolyard the children stood up as one and announced the desire to make the first step in their journey to become responsible, contributive human beings.